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Santeri Parikka
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Santeri Parikka Friggin' rippin' my ears off! Love it <3 Favorite track: The Death Of Me.
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Our First release.

1: The Death of Me
2: Wide Awake


released January 21, 2013

Thomas Debaere
Kizz Lewis
Kieran Harris
Tom Fletcher

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Richfield



all rights reserved


Life & Limb Derby, UK

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Track Name: The Death Of Me
Put the knife in my back when I'm gone
it's the only time you're brave enough
you think you're a gift to the world
you don't know what hard times feel like
you can stay young if you want
but I'll grow up and learn
I know I'm a better man than you
and this won't be the death of me

I'm searching for something to call my own
searching for a higher cause
I gave you my life
so give me a reason

People see through your lies
whether you like it or not
your days in favour are numbered
and it's a long way to fall
the thing that once made my heart beat
is now a passionless shell
and that's what hurts the most
but this won't be the death of me

This won't be the death of me
Track Name: Wide Awake
My head is in the clouds
clouds that turn to grey
but after the rain there's blue skies
and that's what you live for

Life is a losing game you can't win
put it all on the line, life and limb
I've made a lot of mistakes in my time
I've paid my penance for no crime
but I'm proud of these scars
because they make me who I am
who I was doesn't matter to who I will be
in a world that stops for no one

I'm wide awake and all alone
it's the only place that feels like home

My feet are on the ground
it's not easy it's killing me
it's not boredom it's apathy

I should have slept with my eyes open
I should have fixed what wasn't broken
I don't need you, you can hate me
in a world that will leave you empty

I'm wide awake and all alone
it's the only place that feels like home
every time you look in her eyes
I hope you see foundations of lies